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Walk in chamber comes in a variety of sizes, from a small box that fits on the bench top to a room-sized chamber for large objects or for testing large batches of product simultaneously. Temperature ranges from -60° C to 150° C and relative humidity ranges between 20% and 90% are available. A temperature humidity walk in chamber can also be used when constant climate conditions (temperature and/or humidity) are needed for product testing.

Walk in test chamber simulates the effects that a range of temperature and humidity conditions have on a product or material, for example telecommunications equipment or photovoltaic solar panels that are exposed to outdoor temperature and humidity conditions.

Walk in chamber


● Graceful appearance, circularly shaped body, surface treated with mist strips and plane handle with no reaction. Easy to operate, safe and reliable.
● Rectangular double-glassed watching window for the observation of the test production during the testing process. The window is equipped with sweat-proof electrical heating device that can prevent water steam from condensing into droplets, and with high brightness PL fluorescent bulbs to provide light inside the box.
● Double layer insulated airtight doors, able to insulate the internal temperature effectively. Water supply system that is externally connectable, convenient for refilling water into the humidifying pot and automatically recyclable.
● The French Tecumseh brand is used for the circulation system of the compressor, capable of removing the lubricant between the condensation pipes and capillaries.
● The environment-protecting coolant is used for the whole series(R232, R404)6. Imported LCD display screen, capable of displaying the measured value as well as the set value and time.
● The control unit has the functions of multiples segment program editing, and of quick or slope control of temperature and humidity. Inserted mobile pulley, convenient for movement a relocation, with strong positioning screws.

Walk in chamber


Model Desc TH-W5000 TH-W8000 TH-W15000 TH-W20000 TH-W25000 TH-W34000 TH-W40000
Test Volume 5000L 8000L 15000L 20000L 25000L 34000L 40000L
Temperature Range -70℃~ +85℃ -70℃~ +85℃ -70℃~ +80℃ -65℃~ +80℃ -60℃~ +80℃/  -60℃~ +75℃ -60℃~ +75℃
Humidity Range 20%– 95%RH< 20%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH<
Temp Uniformity ±0.5~± 1.0℃ ±0.5~± 1.0℃ ±0.5~± 2.0℃ ±1.0~± 2.0℃ ±1.0~± 2.5℃ ±1.5~± 2.5℃ ±1.5~± 2.5℃
Heating Rate 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 8℃~ 12℃ 8℃~ 12℃
Cooling Rate 0.7℃~ 1.5℃ 0.7℃~ 1.5℃ 1.0℃~ 1.5℃ 1.0℃~ 1.7℃ 3.5℃~ 5.5℃ 4.7℃~ 5.5℃ 4.7℃~ 8.5℃
Refrigerant R404A R23 R508 R404A R23 R508 (OPTIONAL)
Compressor Bizter (Germany)  Tecumseh (France)  Bizter (Germany)  Tecumseh (France)  Bizter (Germany)  Tecumseh (France)  Bizter (Germany) 
Control System TEMI880 TEMI1500  (Korea) OYO  (Japan)  TEMI2700 (OPTIONAL)
Noise Level (dB) 65 65 65 70 70 70 70
Power Supply 380V ±10% 400V±10% 50Hz, 60Hz 380V ±10% 400V±10% 50Hz, 60Hz 380V ±10%


● Today we are processing a 10 CBM walk in chamber (10000 Liters) assembly work. I have taken some photos for Wewon’s employees working moment, The walk in test chamber’s Testing Room Size: 2500*2000*2000 (W*D*H mm), Refrigeration System: France Tecumseh, Germany Bitzer Compressor with 10 years quality guarantee.
● There also has a long size heating for hot temperature testing purpose. The cooling rate, and heating rate can be customized based on customer’s testing requirement. For the installation work, We will guide the customer by user manual when the walk in chamber arrived there. We can go to customer’s plant for assembly work as well. If you have the interest and trying to know more, Please let me know. Thank you.

Walk in chamber
Walk in chambers

PS: Last week, We shipped 2 pcs Walk-in Type Temperature Humidity Chambers to Mead Johnson Nutrition (GuangZhou) Co., Ltd. One is 8 cubic meters, another one is 15 cubic meters. Mead Johnson is a 100 years history USA brand, Mainly produce the milk powders for babies. 

Walk in chamber
Walk in chamber

Here are the calibration certifications before shipment which comes from the professional China quality assessment and authentication organization: GUANGZHOU INSTITUTE OF MEASUREMENT AND TESTING TECHNOLOGY. This is the right way to calibrate the quality and make customers trust us !

Walk in chamber
Walk in chamber
Walk in chamber


Walk in chamber

Walk in chamber

Walk in chamber

Data Sheet Walk in chamber
POP Photos of Walk in Environmental Chamber
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CE Certification-EMC- Walk-in Environmental Chamber
15 CBM Walk-In Chamber Assembly & Testing Process from Wewon Workshop
The Installation Work for 6750 Liters Walk in Chamber from Wewon, Here is an youtube movie to guide you how we doing the installation work
Walk in Chamber Installation Manual for TEMI 2500 (English)
Walk in Chamber Operation Manual for TEMI 2500 (Russian)
Walk in Chamber Installate Manual for TEMP 2700 (English)
Walk in Chamber Operation Manual for TEMP 2700 (English)
CE Certification for SAMWON TEMI Controllers for Walk-In Environmental Test Chamber
Programme for TEMI Controller Connect with Computer
ELEKTRONIK EE99-1 Series OEM -RH/T Modules are designed to meet the specific requirements of RH/T monitoring in walk in chamber.
Main Product Lines Verification Report by Alibaba
Products Catalog Walk-In Environmental Chamber
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